My Second Article on ASP.NET Website


Hi all,
Yes I know it took so long but I’m back.
I just wanted to say that one of my articles about ASP.NET MVC has chosen to be published on ASP.NET official website.
So you may take a look at it here : —> Article of Day
and look for my article : Building a Data Grid in ASP.NET MVC
Have fun.


I hit the front page of ASP.NET site


Today my new post on “Setting Up IoC in ASP.NET MVC using Castle Windsor” went live on the front page of ASP.NET site.
You can hit that on at Article of Day section.
I will try to post some other new articles on MVC soon.

I got the lead in ASP.NET MVC forum


Wow! before 2010 starts I got the lead in (official ASP.NET MVC Forum) Hope I can stay at first til new year begin.

What am I doing these years?


so some of my  friends and family that not contacting with me in recent years

continuing this question :

“wat were u doing these years dude !@^%@$???”

so I suggest them take a look at this link (here)



I’m not new to blogging but believe me the first entry is so difficult .

OK but I take it easy and just say hi to all of you !

about subject : I tried to write a SEO subject .


Hello world!


Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!